Noah’s Story

Captain America!Noah was a trailblazer baby.  He was always the first among his many little friends to roll over, grow those first few painful teeth, crawl or just generally get moving and talking.

Noah packed a lifetime of love and laughter into his few short years.  One of his first words that he repeated over and over was, “happy”.

Noah was an independent adventurous boy even in his early days in the infant room at Woodfield Child Care in Leslieville.  He graduated to the toddler room in January 2013, and was happily causing trouble in the preschool room in February 2014.  Noah loved his teachers at Woodfield, and his family knows the feeling was mutual.  For Halloween, Noah and his best buddies at Woodfield were superheroes.  Noah also chose the paint for his room – a bright “Captain America” style blue.

Noah was a world traveller.  He joined his mom’s annual girls weekend away when he was less than two months old.  He explored the rainforest of Costa Rica at six months old and the forests of the Adirondack Mountains at eight months old – all from the comfort of a backpack.  As a toddler you couldn’t drag him out of the pool in El Salvador or later in Costa Rica again.  He also visited Walt Disney World twice.  His favourite ride was the train that goes around the perimeter of the Magic Kingdom.  The monorail was also a hit.

Noah was a natural athlete.  He loved riding his tricycle or scooter very fast! He also looked forward to his weekly soccer sessions with Little Kickers.  As a three year old he tamed Blue Mountain in just two ski lessons.  Noah swam regularly and his goal was to swim two widths of Birchmount Pool so that he could use the big slide.

Noah enjoyed the urban lifestyle which often included weekend visits to a coffee shop beside the park for warm milk and a muffin.  He also liked visiting the Ferris’ family farm where he helped with the chores – feeding the dogs and the donkey.  He always wanted one more tractor ride.

Noah was a proud big brother to Rachel Mae.  He was always gentle with her and willing to share all of his things with her – even his special “Happy Bear”.  He could often be heard exclaiming “Oh Rach-ee you made it wet” after she had finished her turn with a toy.  He didn’t seem to mind much.  He would dry it off and continue on. Rachel learned from the best and is now a great sister to Sarana Lynn.

Throughout his first year of life Noah visited a Toronto grade 3 classroom every three weeks as part of Roots of Empathy, a program designed to prevent schoolyard bullying and create a culture of more caring, empathetic students.  Noah was happy to wear his “teacher” t-shirt.  The kindness that Noah’s students show each other throughout their school days will be his legacy.

Noah passed away suddenly and unexpectedly after a brief (four day) illness with what appeared to be the common cold.  It turned out he had a Group A Streptococcus bacterial infection.  Noah was 3.5 years old.

Noah’s spirit is not measured by the days he spent here on earth but by the depth of the imprint his journey has left in the lives of others.