For Bereaved Parents

We are grateful to our network of family, friends, neighbours and therapists, who have all helped us to keep going as we adjust to our “new normal”.  We have also found comfort and support in the following resources:

  1. Sick Kids Paediatric Advanced Care Team Grief and Bereavement Resources – Griefwords Library.  This website has many short articles that offer ideas and support around grief in varying circumstances including helping yourself with grief, and helping others with grief.  Of particular interest are several articles that provide insight in helping children and teens understand and express their grief.
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  2. The Grieving Garden: living with the death of a child by Suzanne Redfern and Susan K. Gilbert.  This book invites bereaved parents into personal conversations with a diverse group of fathers and mothers who share the same loss.

  3. Four Plus an Angel – Life after loss with one teenager, two surviving triplets and a rainbow baby.  This blog is written by a mother of five (four in her arms and one in her heart).  She writes beautifully and straight from the heart on the topics of grief, autism and motherhood generally.  Our favourite post is “The Stone” which explains what life after the loss of a child really feels like.
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