Noah’s Favourite Activities

Playground 2

Outdoor + Free

  • Ride your bike/scooter everywhere including:
    • to the Garden Centre to watch the forklift and tractor
    • to a construction site to watch the loaders, diggers and dump trucks
    • to the park – bring water, a snack and a soccer ball
    • around the track at Duke of Connaught P.S. going as fast as you can
  • Build a snowman in the backyard.  Do one for every member of the family.  Eat some of the carrot so that your noses look the same
  • Build sandcastles at Cherry Beach
  • Dig for worms and snails in the garden
  • Blow bubbles and try to catch them on the wand before they pop

Indoor Games

  • Play hide and Seek
  • Jump on your bed
  • Toss two colouring books on the floor, put on your ski goggles, stand on the books and pretend your snowboarding
  • Help make salad dressing (taste all the ingredients)
  • Bake something yummy
  • Build a fort
  • Run around in circles and get someone to chase you (or even better have them chase you with a remote control car)
  • Paint with watercolour paints
  • Build with Lego
  • Drive toy cars, tractors, trains, and planes
  • Play a board game such as Zingo or Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
  • Sit in a swivel chair and pretend to drive an Indy car (ask someone else to do the same and race.  Everyone else needs to stay off the “road”)